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Mobile Masters acquired by CSE Global (Australia)

The Orion Network (Orion), Australia’s largest commercial digital two way radio network, is pleased to announce that Mobile Masters, a founding partner of Orion, has been acquired by CSE Crosscom Pty Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of the CSE Global group of companies. CSE Global is an international leader in the automation, power, telecommunications and environmental sectors.

Effective as of 24 February 2016, this transaction extends CSE’s current investment in Orion, following the acquisition of Crosscom in 2015, and further consolidates Orion’s position as the market leader in Australian digital two way radio communications. 

A public company, CSE Global is listed on the Singaporean Exchange and operates a network of more than 30 offices across 20 countries. Globally, CSE Global’s annual turnover is in excess of A$400m, with more than 1,500 employees worldwide.

In Australia and New Zealand, CSE Global (Australia) Pty Ltd employs 200 people generating an annual turnover of approximately A$100m through operating entities CSE Crosscom, CSE Comsource, CSE Transtel, CSE Uniserve and CSE W. Arthur Fisher.

Mobile Masters’ management team and service personnel will continue to support the West Australian commercial market as they have done over their 32 year history. Melanie Arnott, General Manager of Mobile Masters, commented, “The Mobile Masters team are excited to be working as part of a global entity, as our customers will now benefit from access to an extensive engineering, financial and human resource network, from which we will be able to draw on to bring even more value to our customers’ business needs.”

Hamish Duff, Orion’s Founding Director commented, “Orion congratulates both CSE and Mobile Masters on their successful negotiations to secure the acquisition. The principal’s of Mobile Masters, Albert Hazebroek and Melanie Arnott, are highly respected members of the two way radio community who have worked tirelessly to establish the Orion Network in Western Australia. This acquisition by CSE further embeds Orion’s leading position in the Western Australian radio market and we look forward to working with the expanded team.”