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Tetracom acquired by CSE Global (Australia)

The Orion Network (Orion), Australia’s largest commercial digital two way radio network, is pleased to announce that Tetracom, a founding partner of Orion, has been acquired by CSE Crosscom Pty Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of the CSE Global (Australia) group of companies.  CSE is an international leader in the automation, power, telecommunications and environmental sectors.

Effective as of 1 July 2016, this transaction extends CSE’s current investment in Orion, following the acquisitions of Crosscom in 2015 and Mobile Masters in February 2016, and further consolidates Orion’s position as the market leader in Australian digital two way radio communications.

In Australia, CSE employs over 200 people, has an annual turnover of $100m and operates their communications, power and automation business across Australia and New Zealand through operating entities CSE Comsource, CSE Crosscom, CSE Transtel, CSE Uniserve and CSE W Arthur Fisher.

Tetracom started from humble beginnings in 1995 with an office of one being a state distributer for Phillips Communications.  As the business grew, Phillips Communications left the market and Tetracom became a distributor of other leading suppliers such as Motorola Solutions, Tait Communications and Icom among others.

The Tetracom team will continue to service the South Australian market but will now have access to additional resources that will result in a greater capacity to service larger and more diverse communication contracts.  Jeff Perry, Managing Director of Tetracom states, “This is an exciting time for our business and for the radio communications industry.  We thank you for your support over the last 20 years and look forward to working with you long into the future.”