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Orion is Australia’s largest commercial digital two way radio network.

The Orion Network kicked off in 2010 using Motorola Connect Plus technology however over the last 2 years the group has been updating all systems to the latest Motorola DMR Tier III compliant Capacity Max network. The new network is now operating in all operational areas except Perth. Over time the Orion team will migrate all users to the new network, most users only require a software update to do so.

Orion’s scalable DMR Tier III Capacity Max network platform offers flexibility for single and multi-site operations, with mobile and portable two-way radio solutions uniquely programmed to your requirements.

Multi-site digital trunking technology increases capacity and enables automatic site roaming over extended ranges, with superior voice clarity and secure transmission.

Optional integrated data applications such as GPS services, text messaging, data services and dispatch console capability can assist to improve operational productivity and safety performance.

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Latest News

Darwin linked into Orion national digital radio communications network

Darwin has joined Australia’s advanced ORION digital radio network with a nation-wide footprint that offers technology-leading voice communications, messaging, tracking, innovative data display graphics and other systems. The ORION Network

Taking Orion’s capacity to the max

The Orion Network will embark on the next phase of its network expansion plans, with the roll out of Motorola Solutions DMR Tier III Capacity Max technology Australia wide to

Tetracom acquired by CSE Global (Australia)

The Orion Network (Orion), Australia’s largest commercial digital two way radio network, is pleased to announce that Tetracom, a founding partner of Orion, has been acquired by