Orion Radar – Optimisation, Automation and Analytics

The Orion solution provides a unique solution based on an open standards platform to access business and operational dashboards for optimisation, automation and analytics within the business.

These dashboards are not only based on internal data sources including DMR two-way radio, GPS location services and network diagnostics but external sources of relevant transport information to enable informed, sound business decisions based on live data sources displayed to the business unit owner, management and operations.

Image : Sample Orion Network Dashboard Data Set
Image : Sample Orion Network Dashboard Data Set

Automation, Analytics and Optimisation – personalised Operations & Management Dashboards

The Orion Elasticsearch engine can collate and produce relevant data-based dashboards based not only on existing customer data (gps, status messaging, job tickets etc) but also Government and or other sources of pertinent data to make informed decisions within the business.

The sample provided in bus data in NSW based on Bus driver emergencies. This data illustrates trends over 12 months of bus driver duress based on time periods and heat maps of areas where incidents are likely to occur. In this sample, the data is based on start of school terms and around the Hornsby train station. Therefore, management can act and respond to this trend and analysis accordingly with the provision of marshals on-site to address these incidents.

System can provide:
  • Dedicated OSM tile servers and geocoding servers
    + Capability for custom maps (custom data, custom styles)
    + Real-time data
    + Efficient & Fast
  • Data driven
    + KPI’s
    + Customer can create their own visualisations, dashboards, alerts and reports
    + API’s
    + Historical and Live Data
    + Sharing of reports, visualisations, dashboards (so long as the user shared with has access to it)
  • Asset management
    + Radio batteries (TBC)
    + RSSI (indicating coverage of your fleets operations and where radios are faulty/have broken antennae)
    + Vehicle Odometer, Fuel usage, Device Trouble Codes
    + Beacon life cycle
Bus (NSW) ‘duress data’ Sample
Bus (NSW) ‘duress data’ Sample


Other examples of automation could be:
• Alerts, including email and SMS, based on any data but in particular mechanical conditions of buses (for example, send an email to the depot mechanic if a bus on that depot has reached 10000km’s on the odometer, or send an SMS if the engine has overheated).