Established in 2010, the ORION Network is an award winning, industry leading provider of two-way radio communications networks.

Following years of experience in the two-way radio industry, Hamish Duff, MD of Mastercom identified a lack of capability and infrastructure across networks within Australia. Recognising that in order to create and deliver networks designed for the uniquely Australian landscape, population and topography, he set about creating the ORION Network, alongside some of the countries leading mobile communication experts:

CSE Crosscom (Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide), Gencom (Newcastle), Queensland Communications (Brisbane) and Mastercom (Sydney).

ORION operates a network that provides unparalleled coverage across Australia allowing users to benefit from large areas of radio coverage for a fixed monthly subscription.

Australia Wide Reach

What is a Wide Area Digital Radio Network? A wide area radio network links radio sites together, via base station repeaters, to form a network which improves coverage for users over great distances.

This is useful for communicating throughout a large site or location and works with both hand-held and vehicle mounted mobile radios.

With a robust supply chain and offices across Australia, the ORION Network’s technical and engineering skills mean we are able to build, deliver and support scalable team communication solutions, specifically tailored to each client’s specific needs.


  • 2017 Motorola Marketing Excellence Award
  • 2017 Australasian Radio Solution Partner of the Year