The Orion Network, its founding members and industry are partnering through DMR on developing standards that allow radios and other components to interoperate regardless of the manufacturer—enabling Orion Subscribers to exchange critical business communications.

DMR specifies formal standards for interfaces between the various components of a land mobile radio (LMR) system, commonly used by network subscribers. The Orion Compliance Program (OCP) offers a compliance assessment process where we can confirm that equipment, advertised by manufacturers as DMR Tier III compliant, adheres to voice and data components of the DMR suite of standards.

AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH The Orion Compliance Program (OCP) – Assessment:

  • Allows DMR equipment suppliers to formally demonstrate their products’ compliance with a select group of requirements by testing it in recognised
  • Provides a catalyst for industry and the markets it serves to develop vertically based solution

Orion Certification Program

  • Design, implementation, execution and management of the network certification program
  • Develop Certification Program Management Document, including procedures for Authorised Bench Test, and Test Requirements Status
  • Coordination point for Bench Test Manager
  • Coordination point for Orion Network Certification
  • Program Manage Test Environment and Test Equipment coordination

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