The Orion Control Room – Dispatch and Management – TRBONET

Trbonet is a server/client application layer using SQL databases to store relevant information and offers the most advanced features for bus radio fleet management, dispatch and voice and data communications.

Key elements include voice dispatch, voice recording, text messaging, AVL tracking, geo-fencing, event logging, alarm management, web interfaces, indoor positioning or non-GPS location services, job ticketing and phone interconnect.

Trbonet is also supplied with open API’s to allow users to use the system as middleware to access radio devices from other IT software platforms including Elasticsearch, SAP, Radar and potentially HASTUS. By utilising Trbonet APIs, it will be possible to send, activate and complete work orders/ status messages from the existing back-end software to radio subscribers on the Orion Network.

TRBONET Application Layer


Fleet Administration

Fleet administrationEfficiently manage fleet operations and remotely control radios. Get live status updates and configure the radio to send online/offline reports to the server.

Voice Dispatch

voice dispatchProvide communications between the dispatcher and remote radios. Make broadcast, group, private, remote monitor or emergency calls even quicker using programmable shortcuts.

Alarm & Lone Worker

alarm and lone workerImprove the safety of personnel with automatic alarms and lone workers protection. The alarm can also be sent as an automated message, email or SMS.


Event Logging

event loggingLog all system events including voice calls, text messages and status changes. Customise rules, filter and group events, or generate reports detailing location and radio status.


Job Ticketing*

job ticketingCreate, assign and monitor job tickets through the radio network to deliver routine tasks more efficiently. Radio users can accept or decline the job ticket by simply pushing a button.



telemetryMonitor and manage remote equipment from the control room. The system supports native MOTOTRBO telemetry with multiple profiles supported for different devices.


Text Messages & Email

text messages and emailEasily communicate with other devices when voice communication is not possible. Send broadcast, group or private text messages. Radio users can text back to the dispatcher.





AES Encryption

AES encryptionSecure your communications with the industry-standard 256-bit encryption scheme.

Voice Recording

voice recordingContinuous voice recording of all calls with playback for analysis, reporting or training purposes. Audio files are stored in MPS format on the Radio Server and Dispatcher.

Data Web Client

data web clientEmpower remote dispatchers to access the system using a web interface.


Phone Interconnect*

phone interconnectMake and receive calls between MOTOTRBO radios and telephones and also allows a dispatcher to make and receive telephone calls through the dispatcher console.


IP System Bridge

IP system bridgeCommunicate between radios located on different networks. Interconnect geographically distributed systems and set up dynamic bridging of voice and data calls.


Extended Alarm Management

extended alarm managementAutomatically notify your staff of important event using job tickets, text messages or calls.


GPS Tracking

GPS TrackingFollow workers, vehicles and business assets in real-time to ensure maximum safety and productivity. View routes, set up GeoFencing and log radio movements using a configurable set of rules.


Indoor Positioning*

indoor positioningTrack personnel and business assets inside your facility with a bluetooth-based indoor location system.


RF Coverage Monitoring*

RF coverage monitoringMaximise system performance and make sure everyone is connected with RF coverage maps. These provide a graphical representation of network coverage based on the RSSI level of signals received from GPS-enabled MOTOTRBO radios.