CANbus – Telematics Options

The MP70 increases efficiency, streamlines operations and reduces costs by supporting advanced remote visibility and instant insight into the bus area network (VAN), in-field applications and assets, and mobile workforces.

Offering built-in vehicle-ready I/O, with the capacity to support AirLink Vehicle Telemetry, the MP70 enables remote monitoring of auxiliary devices and can collect OBD-II vehicle telemetry data for engine diagnostics and performance data to monitor vehicle health.

The MP70 offers an integrated mobile events engine to monitor hundreds of router, network, and connected vehicle parameters in real time, and create custom alerts, event triggers and reports. Reports and alerts are synchronised with the Orion Elasticsearch & Radar platform to enable centralised and remote management of critical events.

CANbus output is dependent on the make and model of bus and can include fuel level, odometer reading, engine temperature and last trip, as well as driver behaviour options (subject to OBDII & J1939 support).

Scania Bus -CANbus data
Scania Bus -CANbus data