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Orion’s Success Built On a Proven Global Platform

Last week Motorola Solutions announced a new milestone by delivering its 3000th trunked digital mobile radio (DMR) system. Businesses in over 100 countries are now using the capabilities of MOTOTRBO™ trunked systems to enhance workforce safety, efficiency and accountability.

Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus trunked platform underpins The Orion Network’s (Orion) robust network infrastructure, and provides advanced group talk features including a dedicated control channel and multi-site capacity. This foundation when combined with the power of integrated digital voice and data has seen Orion quickly take the lead as Australia’s largest commercial digital radio network.

Orion is a partnership between a group of Australia’s leading radio communication experts and bolstered by a long-term relationship with Motorola Solutions. Recognising a gap in the market for seamless extended range radio communications, the accessibility of Orion’s scalable network has been transformational to sectors including logistics, emergency services and public transport.

These industries are now able to link disparate teams, fleets and control centres to support better service delivery, real time visibility and improved group safety and controls.

“The Orion Network is continually evolving, our Board is committed to ensuring we are investing in and partnering with the latest application technologies and software developers to support the competitive nature of our business,” commented Hamish Duff, Orion’s founding Director.

“Our aggressive growth strategy includes the ongoing acquisition and expansion of new network sites to ensure our digital coverage is truly unrivalled and representative of the geographic operations of our clients,” Duff concluded.

In just over two years, The Orion Network has grown to six sites bridging six states, with Munibung Hill in Cardiff, being the most recent addition to secure unparalleled coverage of the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley areas.