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Darwin linked into Orion national digital radio communications network

Darwin has joined Australia’s advanced ORION digital radio network with a nation-wide footprint that offers technology-leading voice communications, messaging, tracking, innovative data display graphics and other systems.

The ORION Network has become the proven solution in Australia for critical uncongested communication and almost immediate data analysis and graphical dashboard display for management of a whole range industries including aviation, construction, facilities management, security, utilities, transport and logistics.

ORION Network’s Darwin spokesman, James Holmes, said “as Australia’s largest commercial radio network operator, ORION is proud to be the first to include Darwin in a national network footprint”.

He explained the network uses Motorola Capacity Max(1) technology which Is complaint with the DMR Tier III(2) industry-standard for interoperability. The network supports a range of devices including handheld radios, vehicular radios and telematics devices, desktop consoles with TRBOnet(3) and smartphones with the Motorola WAVE Push-to-talk over Cellular application(4).

“The devices enable a range of features such as critical PTT (push-to-talk) voice calls, messaging, Man-Down and Emergency Duress, GPS and indoor location tracking, voice recording, telemetry and event automation.”

“ORION Network currently supports 10 million calls per month across Australia, and we are continuing to grow,” Mr Holmes said.

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